Re: Complete Codebase Opinions wanted

From: Chris Ward (
Date: 01/16/03

>I'm working on adding back-end features like a new world file parser,
>dynamic commands, and less reliance on fixed character arrays.  It's the
>front-end features like clans, auction systems, and magic spells that
>should be unique so I have no interest in adding those.

Yes I see developers come to this conclusion all the time, I think perhaps
that some developers are very modest and none braggers, they'd rather
release simple plain code, and have other ppl sit and figure out ways to
expand and make it exciting. *Nothing wrong with that* your codebase is
awesome, thats why I use it, stable and expandable.

BUT, this is also your creature, you should show it off, brag a bit and
show off some flashy features, people will change what they like and don't
like about your code regardless of what you put into it, But for the
newbies, they'll think your a god if you put in most of what they really
want as standard features. Just my 2 cents on that.

> >ansi pfiles
>I don't know why you'd want color in your player files. Perhaps you meant
>ASCII? This is planned.

Blush, yes ASCII pfiles, sorry mind was thinking one thing, fingers typed

> >easycolor, clan code, auction code, dgscripts, oasis olc, extended race
> >code, extended class code
>Not planned. far as classes go, I'll try to make it so you can
>create/modify/delete classes without rebooting the game but that's the
>extent of it.

This would be a wonderful feature, can't wait to see it in action. Would it
also be possible to perhaps include the ablility to delete area files from
within the mud itself. Its a pain to have to shut the mud down, go into
shell delete the files, update the index files and then restart the mud,
couldn't it all be done from inside ?. Perhaps a social editor, and
helpfile editor too, since often a lot of minor modifications happen that
would only take a moment to do well still on the mud, without droping into

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