Re: Complete Codebase Opinions wanted

From: Chris Ward (
Date: 01/16/03

>A "vendor branch" style project could exist to provide a more
>feature-rich CircleMUD-based variant which is periodically synced
>with official Circle releases. But the extra features you add
>(especially those which impact performance or change the "look and
>feel" of DIKU/Circle) will probably result in an inverse proportion
>for the number of coders willing to use it as a base for their
>projects. Just my half-nybble.

I really like this idea, im not sure i'd use "vendor" to describe it, more
like "Group Developed/Release Party" But perhaps with more thought yes a
full variant could be created and released and maintained and who knows
what will happen from that point onward, thank you for the idea, you've
given a lot of fuel to though here for me on this.

Hmmm why would you say fewer people would be less interested in using it
for their project base ? I would think if it is A) Stable, B) Supported
fully and updated regularly. That people would willingly use it, especially
if it didn't change to drastically from the original circle, that they are
already familiar with.

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