Re: Complete Codebase Opinions wanted

From: Chris Ward (
Date: 01/16/03

> > Could you give me the rundown on what 128 bit files accomplish ? I never
> > really did look into them much, but always heard people saying they'd like
> > to add them to their mud, and just wondered why, and exactly what the
> > benefits where.
>The way vanilla CircleMUD works now, many of the options are stored
>as boolean bitflags in a 32-bit int. This limits things like wear
>slots, for example, to a maximum of 32 by default. There are a
>number of fairly easy ways around this limitation, some more
>portable than others. The 128-bit patch is one of the more
>platform-independent methods. It replaces the ints with arrays of
>ints (if i'm remembering correctly), which means most of the
>bitshifting has to be replaced with function calls.

Ah ok now this definitely sounds like a GOOD option to add

> > Hey is your
> > mud code shareable ?
>I try to do this already. My present MUD project, which is still
>incomplete for the moment, is available for download as patches
>against the most recent Circle CVS snapshots:
>Anybody who wants to hack up my additions is welcome to do so. Copy
>it verbatim and claim it's yours for all I care. I don't need creds.
>Look through the changelog for anything you might want to take.

Definately cool, I shall have to download a copy and see what wonderful
things you've done with your code and get some ideas. Ah but credit must be
given where its due, it would be way rude to do so otherwise.

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