Re: Complete Codebase Opinions wanted

From: Alex (
Date: 01/16/03

> they'd rather release simple plain code, and have other ppl sit and
> figure out ways to expand and make it exciting.
not quite accurate.  we'd rather release simple, plain, clean, bug-free
code.  that gives people a base to put their entire visions upon.

> BUT, this is also your creature, you should show it off, brag a bit and
> show off some flashy features, people will change what they like and don't
> like about your code regardless of what you put into it
yes, and the way it is, it is _really_ easy to change.  in terms on
developers, to be honest, we like to brag about how clean our code is.
how bugfree it is.  how slick it is.  not how many features are in it.
i personally don't give a rat's ass for featurism.  i want it to be
stable.  that's what the vision of circlemud is.  stable, clean, bugfree
code that is simple to modify.


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