[Ad] Experienced Coders

From: Jeremy Maloney (riodan@cyberspace.org)
Date: 01/16/03

Hello Folks,
As some of you may know, we're in the process of putting together a
"Star Wars" Circlemud. This endeavor however is going to require some
very serious coding staff to complete. We have plans to put together
a unique spaceflight system which will require some real hard hitting
coders from the community. Although we will not be releasing our codebase
"itself" we will be releasing a few patches, snippets and other tidbits
to aid others in their fight to build a Circle Star Wars Mud.  The
Spaceflight system features a 2-D ascii mapping system with dynamic
placement of olc assigned planets, space stations, etc. Regretfully,
the system maps are going to be limited in either 10X10 or
"possibly" a bit larger space, however that remains to be seen
since we have to take into account screen sizes and how it will
fit/look.  The idea is to allow space combat, system navigation,
and hyperspace travel. The plan is to use Oasis OLC to add these
different planets to the system map, along with any obstancles or
interesting stops along the way. Currently I am considering a flat
map of the galaxy as a base, sectioning each "sector" off as a system
and using 100 sectors 10 sectors per row, 10 columns = 100 systems.

If your interested in undertaking this venture with us, gimme a holler.

aka Jeremy M. (riodan@cyberspace.org)

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