Re: circle-3.1-w-goodies: email crash

From: Mark Garringer (
Date: 01/20/03

>         Your bundle was pretty good, im sure I downloaded it and played
>with it, I believe their is a bug though when players try and >send
>mudmail, crashes the mud, I could be confusing your bundle with >another
>one though.

One of the patches somewhere introducted several incorrect save_char calls
(like save_char(vict, GET_LOADROOM(ch))). I believe most of those have been
worked out in what will be the second release. However, I was able to find
the problem you described, I'm just not sure what to do about it. :(

When you attempt to send mudmail, mail_recip_ok called

int mail_recip_ok(const char *name)
  struct char_data *victim;
  int ret = FALSE;

  CREATE(victim, struct char_data, 1);
  if (get_id_by_name(name) >= 0) {
    save_char(victim, NOWHERE);
    char_to_room(victim, 0);
    if (!PLR_FLAGGED(victim, PLR_DELETED))
      ret = TRUE;
  } else
  return ret;

And in extract_char_final, it crahes at a save_char call:

  if (IS_NPC(ch)) {
    if (GET_MOB_RNUM(ch) != NOTHING)    /* prototyped */
    if (SCRIPT(ch))
    if (SCRIPT_MEM(ch))
  } else {
    save_char(ch, GET_LOADROOM(ch));

Core dump. So I changed to to save_char(ch, NOWHERE); and it doesn't crash,
I just get a SYSERR: NULL pointer or empty string passed to get_filename(),
(nil) or 0xbffff2d0. Tasty.

So according to gdb the first time around, victim passed out of the mail
code really is null, and null doesn't have a LOADROOM. So now, it just
doesn't know what to do when it tries to save a null filename?



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