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From: Greg Buxton (
Date: 01/22/03

Quoth Bill Pascoe:

>         As I was adding new spells in my mud I was noticing
> the simplicity and wondered....Could it be possible to create
> a spell editor. In other words a simple way to add spells to
> the mud. Im currently looking over the config editor in the

The biggest thing I can see about this is that unless you're
creating an entirely new magic system then you're still going
to be putting in the code for the spells/skills.  At that
point then it'd be moot.

I guess you could put in a scripting language (such as George
has said he wants to work on adding the ability for) at which
point it'd be more than possible to create an editor to let
you define new spells/skills and then put the code into the
scripting language for it.

I've been playing around with the outline for a dynamic magic
system for my Amber based mud (in perpetual development) where
characters can choose what the spell would affect, how the
affections are done, for what duration, etc in a menu system
providing a "hanging" keyword which they can then use to
activate the spell.  Mana cost would be calculated per spell
based on what they choose to do and how long the spell would
last.  (Trying to keep in in an accuracy for the way magic
works in the Amber books.)

I know Torgny also has been working (or completed) a dynamic
magic system as well, but other than outlining I haven't had
much time to work on the magic system for my mud yet. =P

>         I also have a question to the circle great ones...
> Does to many editor cheese out a mud in other words makes it
> to cookie cutter or is it a useful thing to newb coders such
> as myself.

I'm no where near a Circle "great one" but I don't think too
many editors have any detriment to the mud.  It's just a way
of giving the implementors the ability to easily customize
and control their muds.  Those who would rather work their muds
in a different way can do so in the code however they see fit.

Offering a choice isn't a bad thing. =P

- Greg
Shadows of Amber 5200

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