Re: [CODE] spells

From: Brandon Allen (crio49@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 01/23/03

i had an idea you may find fun to add to your mud.

make a new container type called spellbook.

then add a new command just like get and put
to add and remove things from it.

set a check in the get and put command to stop it from
reaching into your spellbook.

now add another item type called a spell and change
around cast so it trys to locate an item by the name of
'fireball' in your spellbook item.

the item's long description short description and whatnot
can be used for the action's

longesc: bob throws a fireball at you.
shortdesc: you throw a fireball at robert.
erc.. etc.. etc..

use the weapon type for the item so you can setup
the amount of damage and the type of damage.

i have wanted to do this for a while however i have
too manny projects going on allready.

-Brandon Allen

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