[newbie][code] item_wear

From: Ben Heise (sten2u@juno.com)
Date: 01/30/03

hello all, again

being the newbie coder/imp I am, I couldnt just leave it at one or two more flags. I needed to have 6 items worn on one belt!

the problem being, somewhere the oasis macro has some problem. I have no clue how I would go about taking care of this.

 this is really long, because I am posting all the relevant code...
I would really like to know what to do better next time about posting these things :/

code sections are as follows

act.item.c: wear_message
    {"$n wears $p on $s belt.",
    "You wear $p on your belt."}
/* I have 6 of these declared... would only having one work?*/

act.item.c: perform_wear: wear_bitvectors
/*again, I declared 6 of these, because for the other multi-wear slots had 2 also*/

  /* for neck, finger, wrist, and belt, try pos 2 if pos 1 is already full */
  if ((where == WEAR_FINGER_R) || (where == WEAR_NECK_1) || (where == WEAR_WRIST_R) || (where == WEAR_OBELT_1) || (where == WEAR_OBELT_3) || (where == WEAR_OBELT_5))
    if (GET_EQ(ch, where))

/* as far as I can figure, this is where the problem lies... maybe?*/

--------- end code ----------

this is basically what I did all thru the rest of the code, copied the wear on neck code and tried to twist it to fit my needs...

this all compiled fine, but the runtime error is this:

> wear belt
You fasten an ammunition belt around you as a belt.

> wear object
You wear an unfinished object on your belt.

> wear object
You fasten an unfinished object around your shoulders.

> wear object
across shoulders

please, I have changed the code any which way, and the only thing I can think of is the macro to switch it to another wear slot...


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