128 bit conversion

From: brian stewart (sparks4289@hotmail.com)
Date: 01/31/03

I just recently switched over to the new goodies package and I'm attempting
to update my code's eq wear locations. In the previous goodies package I did
this highly succesfully and had no problems.. so I being a silly optomist
assumed it would be the same for the new version with 128 bit conversion.
However it's not.. and I know I'm probabbly missing a step somewhere but I
can't find it for the life of me.. so if anyone has any suggestions on what
I should be doing to fix this please give me a holler.

This is exactly what the code is doing:
olc is registering that the flags do exist.. I can edit the object.. I can
enter the menu and see all the new wear locations.. however when I attempt
to change the wear location at all... it will not let me.
Somewhere down the line it also decided to stop registering the wear flags.
Items that are flagged 'take' can now not be picked up off of the ground.
When I load the object to my inventory.. and then attempt to wear it.. the
mud crashes completely.

Steps I took in adding eq slots:
defined all new slots in constants.c
defined all WEAR and ITEM_WEAR locations in structs.h
added all of the messages in act.item.c as well as the ITEM_WEAR defines
that are needed.
I did not change anything in dg_scripts.c  but I didn't before either and it
worked fine.

This problem is driving me nuts so if anyone can help me please do!!!

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