Stock Colour..

From: Anthony Goins (
Date: 01/31/03

Greetings, I was wondering if anyone has used the stock colour
in a way such as easycolour(is that it?) where you can use
like say &001 and that would be for colour sparce...I love the
stock colour system in CircleMUD because I don't like that much
colour anyways so I get to choose my level of colour but I also
would like to be able to let builders use a little colour on
their areas.  I hope this makes sense for you all.  I am not
asking for any code I would simply like to know if anyone has
done such a system and am wondering what kinda problems
they might have run into any suggestions for someone else
doing it that they didn't think about and so on.

*Scratches his eye then takes another gulp of coffee*

Well, I would like to give thanks in advance to anyone who
offers suggestions/thoughts on this.

Thanks for the time,
Anthony Goins

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