Re: [code][newbie] year time

From: brian stewart (
Date: 02/01/03

check out utils.c (around line 400 or so)
and utils.h (around line 130 or so)
I believe this is the correct place to change it.. not quite sure exactly
though. But this was the best I could find.
the lines your looking for should look something similar to this:

now.year = (secs / SECS_PER_MUD_YEAR);  /* 0..XX? years */ (utils.c)

#define SECS_PER_MUD_YEAR       (17*SECS_PER_MUD_MONTH) (utils.h)

good luck with it... like I said.. dunno if this is what your looking for or
not but it's a place to start looking at least

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