[CODE] Error message-Object (V) %d does not exist in database

From: Brian Hutchins (bphutchins@cox.net)
Date: 02/04/03

Howdy folks,
I need a little help trying to fix a recent problem I am having. What
happens is that Builder makes a new object in OLC, then loads that
object into the game, but does NOT save object using oedit save ##. A
Player picks up the object, then rents, writing the object into the
players obj file. The game then crashes for some reason, causing the
objects created by the Builder to be wiped out. When the Player tries
to enter the game, with the invalid item in their obj file, game hangs
in a loop until stopped. This also creates a huge log file, which
overexceeds my quota of disk space. At this point, nothing can be
written to files (due to excess space used) and other players entering
the game are deleted when exiting, due to not being able to write the
files out. Long story, I know, but I wanted a full explanation.
What I would like to happen, is when the attempt is made to load the
item to the Player, if it is not valid, then it loads a different
specific item, and continues on with the rest of the objects. I am
using xap objects, so the functions I am looking at are read_object
and Crash_load_xapobjs .

Using circle30bpl18 with olc,dg_scripts, assemblies,xap objs, ascii
pfiles, etc. (a bundle)

Any and all help is appreciated..

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