Re: [CODE] Error message-Object (V) %d does not exist in database

From: Ronald Fenner (
Date: 02/04/03

On Tuesday, February 4, 2003, at 04:39  PM, Brian Hutchins wrote:
> Player picks up the object, then rents, writing the object into the
> players obj file.

probably the first thing to do is add A. ask your builders not to load
OLC stuff around players. B. add some sort of system where mortals
can't pick up stuff from zones being created like flagging the zone as
under construction and anything loaded from that zone players can't
pick up.

>  The game then crashes for some reason, causing the
> objects created by the Builder to be wiped out.

that would be normal
> When the Player tries
> to enter the game, with the invalid item in their obj file, game hangs
> in a loop until stopped.

that doesn't sound normal if i remember right it should complain about
the item in a log and continue to the other valid items.

if you want to leave things as is then i'd suggest you start first with
using a debugger and see why when the player rents with the object that
it cause the mud to crash. it's probably a sign that something else is
wrong since once an object is created through OLC it's a part of the
game with the exception that it may not be saved to disk yet and as
such should behave like one that read in when the mud started.

once you fix that problem your second problem may go away if not you'll
need to see how the rent file loader handles invalid objects.

Hope all this helps

Ron Fenner

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