OasisOLC release

From: Thomas Arp (t_arp@stofanet.dk)
Date: 02/06/03

Hi all,

I've been giving Mythran a hand smoothing OasisOLC for release.

The result has been uploaded to ftp.circlemud.org and I guess it's
just a question of time before it's also downloadable.

Until such time, I've made it available at my own site;

Bug reports should go to (first before last) kip_potter@hotmail.com,
welcor@dune.net, circle@post.queensu.ca or /dev/null.


(on behalf of Mythran, who couldn't come to the phone right now)


Changes from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3: (this isn't wrapped, sorry)

        --==** OasisOLC Version 2.0.3 For CircleMUD Version 3.1 **==-

[Current Additions]
* RLIST command.  Lists all rooms in a given zone.
* (D) command in redit.  Allows the builder to delete the room from memory.
* Added a builders list for zones.

[Current Modifications]
* Alterations by Welcor:
  Upped version number to 2.0.3 (I think the new additions warrant it)
  oasis-ified tedit (a bit) and made d->olc a struct oasis_olc_data *
instead of void *
  All olc files: Dependency on global buffers removed.
  All olc files: ->in_room -> IN_ROOM() change.
  All files (olc files + comm.c): update to circle 3.1
  All olc files: removed some buffers, changed to write_to_output and
  db.c, db.h: Changed config_info to a static variable (to save some
  structs.h: Embedded substructs in config_data struct instead of using
pointers (same reason)
  utils.h: Added macros to configure options.
  All olc files: Removed some outdated comments.
  oasis_copy.c: Fixed serious buffer size error in do_dig and cleaned the
code up.
  All olc files: Added support for unsigned IDXTYPE by removing checks for
<0 and ==-1
  comm.c: Added support for auto prompt. (hey, the bit was there...)
* BugFix
    Modified the message to the user from "Zone create successfully\r\n" to
    "Zone created successfully.\r\n".
* BugFix (Not really)
    Added a check to make sure the zone is in the save_list before calling
    remove_from_save_list.  This was a problem because everytime a builder
    saved his/her zone, but it wasn't in the save list, an error was sent
    to the log file, erraneous.

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