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From: Mythran (
Date: 02/06/03

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> Changes from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3: (this isn't wrapped, sorry)
>         --==** OasisOLC Version 2.0.3 For CircleMUD Version 3.1 **==-
> [Current Additions]
> * RLIST command.  Lists all rooms in a given zone.
> * (D) command in redit.  Allows the builder to delete the room from memory.
> * Added a builders list for zones.
> [Current Modifications]
> * Alterations by Welcor:
>   Upped version number to 2.0.3 (I think the new additions warrant it)
>   oasis-ified tedit (a bit) and made d->olc a struct oasis_olc_data *
> instead of void *
>   All olc files: Dependency on global buffers removed.
>   All olc files: ->in_room -> IN_ROOM() change.
>   All files (olc files + comm.c): update to circle 3.1
>   All olc files: removed some buffers, changed to write_to_output and
> send_to_char
>   db.c, db.h: Changed config_info to a static variable (to save some
> malloc/free'ing)
>   structs.h: Embedded substructs in config_data struct instead of using
> pointers (same reason)
>   utils.h: Added macros to configure options.
>   All olc files: Removed some outdated comments.
>   oasis_copy.c: Fixed serious buffer size error in do_dig and cleaned the
> code up.
>   All olc files: Added support for unsigned IDXTYPE by removing checks for
> <0 and ==-1
>   comm.c: Added support for auto prompt. (hey, the bit was there...)
> * BugFix
>   zedit.
>     Modified the message to the user from "Zone create successfully\r\n" to
>     "Zone created successfully.\r\n".
> * BugFix (Not really)
>   save
>     Added a check to make sure the zone is in the save_list before calling
>     remove_from_save_list.  This was a problem because everytime a builder
>     saved his/her zone, but it wasn't in the save list, an error was sent
>     to the log file, erraneous.

Yeah yeah, I haven't gotten around to uploading myself :)

Anywho, there it is...

Thank you Welcor for the fixes, additions, and modifications you have made.  now,
when it breaks, I have someone to blame :P  Anywho, this updates includes more
than the above changelog :P  The new stuff is also added :)  Yeah, the new game
configurator "n" stuff...also, if Welcor didn't notice it I rewrote the do_oasis
/ do_olc.  Much cleaner and now it sends each command to the proper function
rather than trying to do everything for every command itself... This means more
code duplication BUT it can be read by EXPERIENCED developers now heh...

I noticed he also fixed a bunch of bugs/overruns/downfalls I have made while
writing the new code.  Therefore, credit goes to him for EVERYTHING I
forgot/leftout and also for any new bugs :P



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