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From: Methos (methos@first-rule.net)
Date: 02/06/03


Im new too the list but Ive stumbled upon a problem that I cant seem to put my finger on. Im using a bpl15 of circle with more additions than I can shake a stick at. The problem Im having is modifying the locate object spell. I have read alot of things concerning this spell and have searched the list for an answer too no avail.

The original locate object spell is too powerful for my likings. It searched the entire world. I need it to only check the zone the player is standing in but Im having trouble figuring out how to make it find the zone for in_obj, carried_by, and worn_by. My guess is it would be formatted like this:

if (world[i->carried_by->in_room].zone != world[ch->in_room].zone)

But I believe Im wrong because it doesnt work ;(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kenneth Southern

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