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From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 02/07/03

From: "Methos" <methos@FIRST-RULE.NET>
> From: "Michael Toomey" <mat70@TXCYBER.COM>
> if (world[i->in_room].zone != world[ch->in_room].zone)
>   continue;

if i->in_room == NOWHERE, you'll crash.

> if (world[i->carried_by->in_room].zone != world[ch->in_room].zone)
>   continue;

if you by pure luck didn't crash above, you'll go down here, if
the object isn't being carried by anyone. (dereferencing NULL).

> if (world[i->worn_by->in_room].zone != world[ch->in_room].zone)
>   continue;

See above..

> if (world[i->in_obj->in_room].zone != world[ch->in_room].zone)
>   continue;

What if the object containing i is being worn/carried/is inside another
container ?    (Yes, you'll crash.)

> Thanks for the help but Ive already tried that approach. If I have the
> two lines of that code in, it does
> actually find objects on the ground, only in the zone your standing in.
> if I add the rest it either crashes
> or finds nothing at all when the spell is cast.

/* returns the real room number that the object or object's carrier is in */
room_rnum obj_room(obj_data *obj)
  if (IN_ROOM(obj) != NOWHERE)
    return IN_ROOM(obj);
  if (obj->carried_by)
    return IN_ROOM(obj->carried_by);
  if (obj->worn_by)
    return IN_ROOM(obj->worn_by);
  if (obj->in_obj)
    return obj_room(obj->in_obj);

 return NOWHERE;

room_rnum tmp;

tmp = obj_room(i); /*to avoid calling obj_room twice */
                   /* (it can be expensive) - Welcor */
if (tmp == NOWHERE || world[tmp].zone != world[IN_ROOM(ch)].zone)


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