[Newbie]Copying current object stuff over old object stuff.

From: Abraham Dizon (soldier2003@hotmail.com)
Date: 02/09/03

CircleMUD version = beta patch level 18
OS= Windows
Oasis OLC 2.0

Okay I'm having a problem. I am currently creating a menu for the firearms
in my MUD. In the object menu I placed the letter to access the menu like

"%sG%s Gun Setup :     \r\n"

And went ahead and added the menu's:

-- Gun Menu
%s1%s) Damage Dice
%s2%s) Rate
%s3%s) Range

and etc...

I added the stuff to access those menu's as well. Now what I am trying to do
is that when I open oedit.c, edit the Gun Setup, save and quit. I want the
values to stay as I saved them. So how do I do this? I saw another person do
it already but it was written in C++. Also I don't want to use the C) Values
: because I got more stuff I wanted to add in like Ammo Type and Shoot Type,
etc... I feel that a menu is much more cleaner and better. I looked in
genobj.c and saw how things were saved but I didn't know how to do it for my
firearms menu. I want to save the values for the Damage Dice, Rate, and

I defined those things like this in utils.h:
#define IS_GUN(obj)                     ((obj)->gun)
#define GET_GUN_INFO(obj)               ((obj)->gun)
#define GET_GUN_DICE_NUM(obj)           (GET_GUN_INFO(obj)->dice.number)
#define GET_GUN_DICE_SIZE(obj)          (GET_GUN_INFO(obj)->dice.size)
#define GET_GUN_RATE(obj)               (GET_GUN_INFO(obj)->rate)
#define GET_GUN_RANGE(obj)              (GET_GUN_INFO(obj)->range)

Like if the current values for these: Damage Number is 2,
Damage Size is 2, Rate is 3, and Range is 5 How do I save them into oedit?
And when I open the same object again, have the same ones I put in stay? Any
help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

- Mirado

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