Re: Updated 3.1 race/class docs

From: Chris Ward (
Date: 02/24/03

Actually Jim, I tried a couple of approaches at adding races, couple
different older docs and stock circle as well as the goodies version,
before I got things right. I've since compiled a sorta mini FAQ for 3.1 on
adding races and classes, i'll release that later to anyone that wants it,
just gonna tidy it up, Should be pretty error free, since I hacked two
howto's together and seem to have it working ok on my mud.

Race Abilities...u have howto's for these ??? *share share* i've tweaked a
few things like special abilities like Infravision and flight depending on
race type..but haven't dabbled further, would love to see what all is
truely possible. Am compiling a race package with about 30 races and
probably 10 classes to patch into the 3.1 with goodies package for anyone
that wants that too.

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