Re: [OasisOLC] Bug Reports

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 03/01/03

Actually, I posted a request for a fix on the Oasis bug in the redit
menu handler.  Apparently, this holds true for any circle using
Oasis including 2.0.3.  I added more directions to Circle and if you
go into room edit, it'll show the room to be -1.  Quit out of the menu
and go back in.  You should see the room number change to 0
which is the first room in the mud.  This is not good.  I'm not
entirely certain if it's something that I did or if it's the curious menu
interaction.  I do know that using a global variable (to the
procedure) called "number" might have something to do with it.
The menu handling system has what I call spaghetti exits and it's
very confusing.  Shouldn't we break down the menu handler into
multiple procedures and call each one?  Also, note that "number"
is used not only for the second arg but also as a holder for menu
options.  I've tried breaking this menu handler down to something
that makes better sense but I haven't been able to have any
success so far.  It's the redit menu handler in redit.c.

Gerald Florence

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