Re: [OasisOLC] Bug Reports

From: Mythran (
Date: 03/01/03

> Actually, I posted a request for a fix on the Oasis bug in the redit
> menu handler.  Apparently, this holds true for any circle using
> Oasis including 2.0.3.  I added more directions to Circle and if you
> go into room edit, it'll show the room to be -1.  Quit out of the menu
> and go back in.  You should see the room number change to 0
> which is the first room in the mud.

I tried redit and it says the room that I intended.  Not sure what it could
be, you may have to do some more research on your own to find the bug as it
sounds like something you added in...

> The menu handling system has what I call spaghetti exits and it's
> very confusing.  Shouldn't we break down the menu handler into
> multiple procedures and call each one?  Also, note that "number"
> is used not only for the second arg but also as a holder for menu
> options.  I've tried breaking this menu handler down to something
> that makes better sense but I haven't been able to have any
> success so far.  It's the redit menu handler in redit.c.

Umm, the menu handling system in redit is the same as the rest of the olc as
well as the CircleMUD interpreter.  This is by design.  Of course, if you
have a better way or an easier way (w/o loss of performance) I would be glad
to listen and possibly implement into the current system...

Hrm...anywho, I give it a few more months before the next patch is out being
that there haven't been ANY bug fixes since the patch has been released.  I
haven't found any bugs myself nor have I received any word of any bugs that
I can duplicate.  Hard to fix a bug I can't duplicate...

Thanks for your response...more responses welcome!


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