Re: [NEWBIE] Random gold turned confused

From: Kevin Dethlefs (
Date: 03/02/03

In a message dated 3/2/03 8:12:40 PM Central Standard Time, writes:
> The NDD and SDD is for the damage formula and the hit mana and move is for
> the hitpoint formula of
> #d# + #. In DB.c i believe the mana and move are set to a fixed number
> (this is top of head so i could
> be mistaken). Im not really sure why they use these values and didnt make
> up some new ones but thats
> what is going on with that.

I'm slightly confused, why would they use the mana and hp etc for the dice
formula? The HP could be 200 I thought, so it would be, for example,
200d500+100? I mean GET_HIT = 200, GET_MANA = 500 and GET_MOVE = 100, thats
what it means... maybe I'm just confused as to what GET_HIT grabs, isn't it
hitpoints? Like GET_MANA, GET_MOVE? Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Kevin Dethlefs

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