[NEWBIE] Random gold turned confused

From: Kevin Dethlefs (Demortes2004@aol.com)
Date: 03/02/03

OK, I wanted to set up to where the NPC could load a random amount of gold
when they die. Now, when I didn't have an idea, I thought I could copy the
dice system used for HP and damage.... When I looked at medit_disp_menu
function in medit.c it said that the HP dice were as follows: Num HP Dice:
GET_HIT(mob), Size HP Dice: GET_MANA(mob), and HP Bonus: GET_MOVE(mob). If
you stat the mob, the mana, and all that does not equal those said values. So
then, whats going on? And why is it getting GET_MANA and all that instead of
what Damage does... GET_NDD and GET_SDD? Just thought I would ask before I
changed this, cause I'm truely confused.

Kevin Dethlefs

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