Re: [NEWBIE] Random gold turned confused

From: Bill Pascoe (
Date: 03/02/03

When I looked at medit_disp_menu
function in medit.c it said that the HP dice were as follows: Num HP Dice:
GET_HIT(mob), Size HP Dice: GET_MANA(mob), and HP Bonus: GET_MOVE(mob). If
you stat the mob, the mana, and all that does not equal those said values. So
then, whats going on? And why is it getting GET_MANA and all that instead of
what Damage does... GET_NDD and GET_SDD?


The NDD and SDD is for the damage formula and the hit mana and move is for the hitpoint formula of
#d# + #. In DB.c i believe the mana and move are set to a fixed number (this is top of head so i could
be mistaken). Im not really sure why they use these values and didnt make up some new ones but thats
 what is going on with that.

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