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From: Michael Toomey (
Date: 03/11/03

> Actually D&D uses spells per day. You can only cast so many first level
> spells, etc. Some classes (guilds in Circle) require that you predetermine
> what spells you will cast in the later time, which then takes time to
> from your spell slot and put in a new one. A night I believe. There is not
> concept of mana in D&D though, which is nice, sometimes.

Actually there is its called psionic points but thats as close as you can
get to mana.
The 3rd edition rules add new concepts to spell memorization and yes i have
a working model of this system. down to not haveing to memorize a spell to
cast it like sorcerers and the clerical ability to cast any "Cure" spell on
fly by useing a currently memed spell. I.E. cast 'cure light' siath bless.
bless being the spell removed.
I dunno if i wanna give the system out but I would be willing if given a
postion on a AD&D type mud be willing to construct a spell system for them.
I would like to be a party to helping develop a mud with assurance that it
would be as close as you can get to true AD&D as possible... that said.
I have also started working on a prof system and have innate abilities for
races/classes, learn by use, MOB AI for casting and skill use and a several
other cosmetic things including wiz commands for granting spells to players
mobs seeing player/mob spells known failed and memed meming.....

I'm not trying to be unfeeling about the spell system or such but it was
alot to code mem forget ect ect and spellbooks and not something i would
wanna just give up as i can see most coders don't, because there is no patch
for said system.

And i have been a AD&D player for over 18 years :P
yes i'm old

Siath :)

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