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From: Robert (
Date: 03/11/03

Michael Toomey wrote:
> > Actually D&D uses spells per day. You can only cast so many first level
> > spells, etc. Some classes (guilds in Circle) require that you predetermine
> > what spells you will cast in the later time, which then takes time to
> remove
> > from your spell slot and put in a new one. A night I believe. There is not
> a
> > concept of mana in D&D though, which is nice, sometimes.

I have uploaded a snippet (memorization.tgz) to

It is intended as an example and may not be complete, but it implements
memorization and innate skills/spells. It works on our mud, but I may
have forgotten to put everything in the snippet, etc.

Spells that are memorized are added to a linked list with a timer.  When
the spell has finished being memorized, the spell is removed from the
linked list to an array of spells that are ready to cast.

This system allows for multiple spell levels, and the level of a spell
is set in the spello declaration in spell_parser.c

This system supports added spell slots via equipment using object
affections (similar to +con, -maxhit, etc).

Innate spells/skills/affects:

This system allows a character to use a spell or skill every X hours.
When an innate ability is used, it is added to a linked list with a
timer.  When the timer expires, the spell may be cast or used again.

-Robert 4100

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