Re: Needing Opinion's on a Fighting Idea

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/17/03

> Another option is to have a set of combat moves prechosen by the user as the
> fighter's combat routine.
> Offensive and defensive actions would be entered in a particular order ahead
> of time. And the posture could be set as defensive normal or offensive. The
> combat system would cycle through the commands, enacting them when the
> situation arises such as block etc. I used to build on a now defunct mud
> which had this setup and it was quite effective. We also took out the option
> of drinking potions while fighting, I disagreed with that extreme action
> instead preferring that we limited the amount of potion material you could
> drink.

        Er. Yeah.  This is why I should probably read my email in reverse
order.  Basically, my last message duplicates what luke just said here.

        Also, people got VERY pissed off when i related potions with
thirst, and they could no longer quaff 30-40 potions of
healing/sanct/whatever to keep their mad rush up.  Granted, I thought it
was the funniest thing, but in retrospect, it's bad to create a system
which requires a dependance upon those items, and furnishes them in such a
quantity that everyone uses that technique.

        Probably should have limited the potions, and THEN limited the
drinking of them.


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