setting spells on players

From: Brian Jenkins (
Date: 03/17/03

I recently added a plague spell to my mud. the basic idea is that if
you drink the potion then you get infected with the spell(there is no
way to cast the spell) you have side effects including no hp/mp/mv
gain and you see a message every now and then saying your sick. If you
are in a room with an infected person then you have the possibility to
catch it. this is where the problem comes in right now it all works
fine but when i use SET_BIT(ch, AFF_PLAGUE) it will never wear off.
so the question is: is there a way to set a spell on someone instead
of just the AFF_ flag? or another known way to fix this?

And while i'm at it one more related question. It seems that only
people who drink the potion get the side effects or infect others.
I'm using the AFF_FLAGGED(ch, AFF_PLAGUE) expression but both the
originally infected people and the people who catch the plague go
through the same function? doesn't make sense to me. I will not
include and snippets for this problem(just wasting space)
becouse i believe it might fix itself with the above problem.

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