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From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 04/15/03

On 03-04-15 16.41, "Dave Robbins" <daverobbins@COMCAST.NET> wrote:

> I liked the look of it. Clean and user-friendly. The only thing I wasnt happy
> with was the logo and the upside down "i", it makes it look a little
> childish. But overall a good design. Looks a little plain at 1280x1024 (but
> most people dont have their resolution so high). Good job :)

The upside-down "i" was intentional, of course, since the rest of the logo
is rather strict, it sort of symbolizes the way the CircleMUD codebase is
used on a bzillion muds, customized and extended, but with little effort
they still fit into the global scape of the entire codebase, and you can
patch them up to the latest CircleMUD version without too much work.  The
"cog" symbol in the logo represents the way a CircleMUD is the bare minimum,
but yet something genuine and complete in itself.  CircleMUD's so easy to
extend and configure that you can make it into anything from a regular
fantasy MUD to a science fiction mud with guns and spaceships.  That's one
of the main reasons to why I wanted to move away from the swords and scrolls
kind of logo.

As for the size, it's not yet finished CSS-wise, but it will use relative
widths to adapt itself to the window, as well as relative fonts.  One thing
that I'd want to focus on is to make a "mirror" of the site for text-only
browsers like Lynx and Links. I never go to the developer's site in a
graphics browser, I always use Lynx through the shell when I am going to
download stuff directly to the server. :)

> I also like the idea of would be a great to have an additional
> resource besides the mailing list.

Indeed. Of course, I'd be willing to handle all this. No problem. Just say
the word, o mighty ones.

Warm Regards,

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