Re: Help with crash please

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/16/03

> This is a memery overflow problem, anytime you see cannot access mem
> location this is what that means. I see 2 over flows currently. As for
> where they are i would need more information.

        I've been away for a bit, but I'm encouraged to see that no one
has flamed you severely yet.  I'd like to be the first, but I'm too nice.

        We would also need more information to help.

        Try posting trace outputs, or (since it is apparently a memory
problem and you could have anhiliated the stack) as much information as
you can.

        Such information consists of:

                - Your version of circlemud
                - Which 3'd party patches you've installed
                - Which 3'd party patches you've had trouble with
                - Which manual changes you've made to the code (Where
potentially applicable, we trust you to use your head) and with this, your
self-evaluated level of competency with C code and the CircleMUD codebase
specifically, and perhaps the length of time you've been familiar with
                - Stack Traces, how you reproduce the problem, or
techniques & trials you've performed to search for the cause of the
error(s), and output if applicable.
                - Source code, where applicable

        Also note that english is the primary language on this list.
Though it may be troublesome to some of our foreign correspondants, it's
necessary for all involved that you take the time to use well formed
sentances, and proper english spelling and grammar - to the best of your

        Not to nitpick, but I'm not sure what you mean when you're
describing your problem. I'm sorry if you're not proficient in english,
but bad translation causes even more problems for those of us who struggle
with english ourselves.  If the message will cause trouble to native
english speakers, just think how much more difficult it will be to a
person who speaks primarily German or Sweedish to understand.  If you
really want help, please be more ... literate.

                                        Patrick Dughi

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