Re: Help with crash please

From: Andy Hubbard (
Date: 04/17/03

>         I've been away for a bit, but I'm encouraged to see that no one
> has flamed you severely yet.  I'd like to be the first, but I'm too nice.

Many thanks, you are too kind and I am humbled by your mercy.

>         Try posting trace outputs, or (since it is apparently a memory
> problem and you could have anhiliated the stack) as much information as
> you can.

I believe my original post did have a back trace. But as I pointed out I
run the mud with autogdb so could only provide limited trace information.

>         Such information consists of:
>                 - Your version of circlemud

I started on CircleMUD 3.0 beta patch level 11, but have tried to keep the
code current to the latest patch level or release.  So in effect I am
with 'mostly' the CircleMUD 3.1 code base.

>                 - Which manual changes you've made to the code

The game I run has come through quite a lot of changes, for a detailed list
of these you can look at

>                 - Stack Traces, how you reproduce the problem, or
> techniques & trials you've performed to search for the cause of the
> error(s), and output if applicable.

The reason I moved from a Windows/Cygwin platform to a Linux one was to gain
the use of extra memory debugging tools.  I have used memprof and electric
fence, but mostly the dmalloc library.  These tools, as stated in my
email, did help me fix many problems.  But alas, I became lazy and posted a
'shot in the dark' type enquiry to the list, with fingers and toes crossed.

Regarding techniques, I use gdb to debug the crashes that I can reproduce.
problem requires players to be connected for a few hours so is hard to debug
a test port.  As the game has been running now for over six years, I am
reluctant to run the game not using a keep alive script.  Sadly I cannot sit
the computer awaiting the inevitable crash so I can quickly produce stack
traces and then restart the game.  I know I should do, and this would help
the long run, but I took the easy option and asked for a 'starting point' to
see what pointers would come from the experts.

I suppose the underlying problem is a little catch 22.  I went to Linux to
tools to help fix the game up after all the sloppy code I have made over the
years, but Linux is not as forgiving as windows!  The game used to run for
several days on windows, now that is an order of magnitude less ;(

>         Also note that english is the primary language on this list.

I was born in England over 34 years ago, and have lived here all my life. I
can only assume my local dialect does not conform to the style of Queens
English you so desire.  To prove this hypothesis I did show the Queen my
original text, she was indeed quite shocked (she is very good in taking time
with her commoners issues).  She said, and I quote,

"My dear, although your document comes very close to my interpretation of
the English language should be utilised, I can only surmise that the break
of our once mighty Empire has led to some confusion.  It is apparent that
people we were once proud to educate have rapidly taken upon themselves the
task of reforming what I like to call 'Queens English'. Now, if we had less
important things to do than such vital tasks as keeping our Swedish friends
happy by taking up so much of Sven's time, than I am sure we could take
a little time to re-conquer the globe and rectify this abominable

To conclude, I sincerely apologise for posting my enquiry to the wrong
I will refrain from asking for help in the future.

As an aside, I am also extremely curious as to the meaning of 'anhiliated'.
This word is not known to myself or the Queen, is it something I should be
aware of? Is it the cause of my elusive problem and some sort of C term I
not come across?  Damn, did I just ask for help again?

English Andy

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