Re: Help with crash please

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 04/17/03

At 11:46 2003-04-17 +0100, Andy Hubbard wrote:
>I believe my original post did have a back trace. But as I pointed out I
>run the mud with autogdb so could only provide limited trace information.


I believe that Patrick replied to Scott Meisenholder, not you, and it's
apparent that your post, at least from a quick glean at the archives, did
indeed contain said backtrace.  The real culprit in this drama of the
Queen's English and proper and decent email quotation is in this case said
Meisenholder.  He did not include a quote of what he was replying to,
making the post itself almost unreadable to a person that does not have the
time nor the inclination to sift through the entire archive just to discern
what the reply is a reply to.

On a different note, excellent reply.  You should not be discouraged from
asking for further advice or help from this list.

We've seen an upsurge of apparent list rule violations lately; mainly where
people reply to messages without including a quote of the original post,
nor the name of the original poster.  I don't know if that's pure laziness
or petulence, but they should all be flogged in any event.  A punishment
that also comes into mind would be to butcher the criminal before or after
a bloody execution and thereafter nail the body parts to a pole or beam, or
a wagon wheel attached to said pole, and place them outside the city
wall.  What we Swedish language marauders call "stegling."  I could not
find an English translation to this classical Medival punishment, perhaps
somebody can enlighten us.

Warm Regards,
/Torgny "The Swede" Bjers

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