Re: Help with crash please

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/17/03

> >I believe my original post did have a back trace. But as I pointed out I
> >run the mud with autogdb so could only provide limited trace information.
> I believe that Patrick replied to Scott Meisenholder, not you, and it's
> apparent that your post, at least from a quick glean at the archives, did
> indeed contain said backtrace.

        Er.  Yes.  Having been away for a while, I had no clue as to what
the most recent poster - Scott Meisenholder - was talking about.  It
looked like .. uhm.. gibberish, and potentially original at that.

        You (Andy) appear to be quite literate.  I never meant the message
to target you, of course.

> A punishment that also comes into mind would be to butcher the criminal
> before or after a bloody execution and thereafter nail the body parts to
> a pole or beam, or a wagon wheel attached to said pole, and place them
> outside the city wall.  What we Swedish language marauders call
> "stegling."  I could not find an English translation to this classical
> Medival punishment, perhaps somebody can enlighten us.

I take back at least 1/3 of the horrible things I've said about swedes.

                        That's so cool.

        I don't think there was a single word in english that describes
this, but being cut up and mutliated is often refered to as being "Drawn
and quartered".  Specifically, that used to mean having each of the 4
major limbs tied to a horse, pointing the horses in different directions
and then whipping all the horses so the person will (eventually) fall into

        As to the public display, well.. there was a bit in england about
posting heads on pikes...

        The really nasty people were hung, then drawn and quartered,
potentially behaded (if possible) then burned, and the ashes sanctified by
a priest to remove any evil intent lingering in them.


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