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Date: 04/17/03

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>> A punishment that also comes into mind would be to butcher the criminal
>> before or after a bloody execution and thereafter nail the body parts to
>> a pole or beam, or a wagon wheel attached to said pole, and place them
>> outside the city wall.  What we Swedish language marauders call
>> "stegling."  I could not find an English translation to this classical
>> Medival punishment, perhaps somebody can enlighten us.
> I take back at least 1/3 of the horrible things I've said about swedes.

We generally do not take offence.  We're a leisurely people.  Although
history speaks against us.  We've been pretty darn active when it comes to
warfare and internal struggles.  There used to be saying in Sweden
concerning the punishment for killing people from different counties, and it
stated different amounts one would be fined for such murder, although it
ended with "and if you kill a smalanning [person from Smaland] you leave him
lying." which is freely translated from Swedish to English.  I hear that
every time I run into the knaves of one of the local re-enactment groups, of
course, I come from Smaland, what fun would it be otherwise?

>                       That's so cool.

My father had (he's deceased now) original prints of punishment and the fees
the executioner exacted for said punishments, drawing and quartering,
beheading, and some other where they place you on a rough surface and slowly
run you over with a loaded cart.  They're awesome. :)  They used to hang in
our hallway, framed, although I think my mother found them slightly
tasteless and took them down a few years ago.

>       I don't think there was a single word in english that describes
> this, but being cut up and mutliated is often refered to as being "Drawn
> and quartered".  Specifically, that used to mean having each of the 4
> major limbs tied to a horse, pointing the horses in different directions
> and then whipping all the horses so the person will (eventually) fall into
> quarters.

Term noted and filed.

>       As to the public display, well.. there was a bit in england about
> posting heads on pikes...

I think that's a pretty common custom.

>       The really nasty people were hung, then drawn and quartered,
> potentially behaded (if possible) then burned, and the ashes sanctified by
> a priest to remove any evil intent lingering in them.

I think that's pretty funny.  Although it's not an entirely medieval
occurence in itself, America for one exact life-term sentences that are way
over the reasonable life span of any normal human, almost the same thing. :)
One word comes to mind: overkill.  Although they had more flair back in the
good old days.

ObCircle: Has any one created a system for (capital) punishment for medieval
styled CircleMUDs, one that would include any of the above?


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