Resurrection of CAW in TBA

From: Rumble (wintersn.geo@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 04/18/03

I was always impressed by the original concept of the Curious Area
Workshop: and hated to see it go.
   I find it a shame that no one is developing CircleMUD's stock zones and
adding to them. So I thought I would offer up The Builder's Academy as a
possible testing grounds. TBA already teaches new builders/immortals for
other MUD's, develops dg scripts (everyone should congrat Welcor on the new
baby boy), and has some 70+ donated areas that I have converted to current
CircleMUD format from the FTP site. I have no idea what the current stock
zone development is or who is doing it... if it exists. I know someone has
been correcting the stock zones and updating them with the bpl's. Just
curious to see what other people think and if anyone would be willing to
help out with the project.

The Builder's Academy 9091

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