[CODE] Take and Extra Descriptions

From: Ken Ray (kenr86@hotmail.com)
Date: 04/17/03

First, my apologies if this has been discucced before.

I have noticed that if you add "decorations" to a room using E flags,
misleading responses are given if someone tried to take one of these dummy
items.  Take the following as an example:

500H 100M 82V > goto 3003
[ 3003] The Bar Of Divination [ NO_MOB INDOORS NO_MAGIC ]
   The bar is one of the finest in the land, lucky it is members only.  Fine
furniture is set all around the room.  A small sign is hanging on the wall.
[ Exits: s w ]
[3096] A large, sociable bulletin board is mounted on a wall here.
[3043] A waiter who seems to have reached contact with his God is standing

500H 100M 82V > l sign
The sign reads:
Free instructions provided by the waiter:

   Buy  - Buy something (drinkable) from the waiter.
   List - The waiter will show you all the different drinks and
          specialties, and tell the price of each.

500H 100M 82V > take sign
You don't see a sign here.

500H 100M 82V > version
CircleMUD, version 3.1
DG Scripts Version 0.99 Patch Level 8   07/02

500H 100M 82V >

I can look at the sign, but when I try to take it, I am told "You din't see
a sign here."  Having checked the source, this is because , unlike the
"look" code, room E fields are not checked. To me, the logical approach
would be to check for a matching E field item before looking for object
keywords, and if a match is found responding with a:

"You can't take that!"

The situation where some smart arse found another sign (that could be taken)
somewhere else, and dropped it in the room could be handled by the standard
"take 2.sign" logic.

Any thoughts?  Is there likely to be a Circle 3.1.1 (or 3.2)? Or is all
coding focused on a Circle 4.0?

Ken Ray

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