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From: Dave Robbins (
Date: 04/20/03

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003 12:58:51 +0700, Хедин Познавший Тьму wrote
> Why work so hard? Can't you just make "hidden" exits between rooms
> and open them when someone makes his path ?

After cleaning up that mess (the encoding in your response) I'll respond:

I think what he's looking for is more of a dynamic approach. He wants many,
many room to have this "path clearing" feature. It would be easier with his
system to do that than it would be to have all those hidden exits.

We have yet to hear his response but what it sounds like to me is that he
wants it to be a more life-like world. Where the descriptions will actually
change to reflect the new exits and players will have the power to shape the
world, to an extent, for other players.

Your questions raised something I didnt think about with my earlier response.
What will happen at zone resets? Will the player have to clear a path that
they already cleared? If so, why bother?

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