Re: [SYSTEM] MUD / HTTPD Switcher

From: Jeff Zaroyko (
Date: 04/21/03

> I was thinking recently about how many people can't play MUDs cause
> they're behind a firewall, in college or work mainly.

Sometimes because they are there to work or study. ;P

> What I'm wondering is, would it be feasible to create a sort of mini
> daemon which handles TCP connections to port 80, and if its a HTTP request
> forward it to apache (or whatever) on port 81, otherwise to a MUD on port
> 4000.

yes but plenty of things can already do this.

> I confess to knowing very little about TCP/IP, but I'd presume then
> that any output from 4000/81 would have to go back out through 80. Is this
> possible without a huge amount of work?

yourmud -- > ports don't matter here <---your mini daemon  --> proxy     the
source port would be 80 when it reaches here.

> I can see it being a lot more feasible if the MUD itself were to just run
> on port 80 and parse any incoming communication for a HTTP request.

You could run apache as a proxy server supporting the connect command and
players could use it to connect to your mud on your desired port of 4000.

> The MUD could then just serve back whatever file, thus making the MUD
itself a
> very small HTTP server. You would of course lose all the features of a
> proper daemon such as Apache then though.

What for, the MUD isn't there to serve files.



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