Re: [SYSTEM] MUD / HTTPD Switcher

From: Raf (
Date: 04/21/03

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Jeff Zaroyko wrote:
> Sometimes because they are there to work or study. ;P

Yes, but is our responsibility to make them stray from this path ;)

> > What I'm wondering is, would it be feasible to create a sort of mini
> > daemon which handles TCP connections to port 80, and if its a HTTP request
> yes but plenty of things can already do this.

Ok, so there's lots of proxy programs. That I know. But are there ones
that perform different actions based on the data received? So if a
connection is made and sends GET or POST or HEAD or whatever, forward to
port x, otherwise forward to port y. If you do know of such an
application, whats the name of it, and a url if possible? I've had a quick
search on freshmeat and can't really find anything suitable (at least,
judging from the project descs).

This may well be easier than I thought!

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