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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/21/03

> With regard to coordinates, there were a couple different articles written on
> that topic.  They were available online at the "Imaginary Realities" mud site,
> which was an online mud magazine.
> Patrick Dughi wrote one of the articles, IIRC.
> Patrick's suggestion dealt with resource repopulation, agriculture, a fully
> dynamic world, as well as mining, travel, and time constraints.
> It was a good article.  Another piece was also written that had the pros and
> cons of coordinate systems, as well as other systems.
        You can find mine at  (though it's a .doc
version instead of html, and apparently an old version based on the
grammar/spelling mistakes).

        It doesn't cover coordinates exactly, though it assumes that you
need at least a 2-d sensible world to make things 'work', and uses a
chessboard like layout.  Mostly it was about making an apparently-working
ecosystem based on the application of a few simple ideas (more or less
easily coded), a few guidlines to protect yourself against unrealistic
effects of players, and then sitting back and letting it go.

        You can find a nicely organized cache of all the imaginary reality
articles at:*/

        The site itself seems to have vanished sometime last year, after
not updating for many many months.


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