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From: Anthony Goins (
Date: 04/21/03

Thanks for the responses.  Actually, what I am planning on
doing is having the plants grow.  My main goal is to allow
the world to run itself.

When they make a clearing it would create a room with a random
description(based on set values), create exits to surrounding
rooms and save.  After saved it would start growing back.

If it was used a lot the path would remain there.  Eventually
I want to have mobs that live(eat sleep, work, ect), plant and
animal life.  "Acts of god" :p will also happen.  :)

I am just going to try and have the most realistic world possible.

I am going to set it up so after I feel there are enough players
online I will use a command to switch from the spawning system
to the one where stuff becomes extinct, mobs die permantly and
also start to reproduce and animals start to reproduce and hunt
each other.

Everything will be saved to disk.  So when an exit is cleared,
it remains untill it either grows back or gets made back to the
way it was..  That is what I am hoping to do, anywas.  :p

Anthony Goins

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