extract_char_final/eq duping

From: Robert (ironfist@texas.net)
Date: 04/25/03

Has anyone had trouble with eq duping when a character dies?  I have a
circle3.0 bpl18, some parts upgraded to 3.1 with Oasis 2.0, DG scripts
9, copyover patch, ascii pfiles/objfiles.  Often, when a character dies,
they reenter the game both with a corpse and the equipment still on the

What I think is happening is that the character dies, the corpse is
made, extracted, but then reenters the game during nanny() before
extract_char_final is called in heartbeat through extract_pending.
Thus, the character hasn't had its eq dumped.  Should i just call
Crash_delete_crashfile(ch); in raw_kill when a character dies?  It seems
to be a problem with stock circle, but maybe I have missed something...

In the changelog it says:
+-- ae - act.other.c: Shifted the checking for duping into
But the eq dumping is in extract_char_final, is this something that
didnt make it in? :)

There is also another problem with delayed extractions when a character
leaves the game, the followers dont stop following until he is in the
menu.  So, you see the menu, then ____ hates your guts!  This doesn't
seem to cause a problem, but it looks a little weird.

My code seems to be pretty much identical to the code in
for extract_char/Extract_char_final.

Thanks for any help/ideas :)

strife.betterbox.net 4100

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