Re: [OFF-TOPIC] File permissions

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 05/07/03

At 11:07 2003-05-07 -0400, Templar Viper wrote:
>I'm running Circlemud 3.1 with Oasisolc, ascii player files and more on a
>redhat 8.0 machine. I have some problems with file permissions however.
>Sometimes after a copyover/reboot after a compile, the muds boots fine,
>but when I try to log in, the mud complains it can't read the player file.

What error do you get? "Permission denied" or some such would indicate that
the file cannot be read due to permissions.

What user do you run the MUD as, and are you certain that the same user
created the player index for instance?  Could be something like that.


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