Re: [OFF-TOPIC] File permissions

From: Templar Viper (
Date: 05/07/03

From: "Torgny Bjers" <>
> At 11:07 2003-05-07 -0400, Templar Viper wrote:
> >I'm running Circlemud 3.1 with Oasisolc, ascii player files and more on a
> >redhat 8.0 machine. I have some problems with file permissions however.
> >Sometimes after a copyover/reboot after a compile, the muds boots fine,
> >but when I try to log in, the mud complains it can't read the player
> What error do you get? "Permission denied" or some such would indicate
> the file cannot be read due to permissions.

Oops. Sorry, forgot to include that:

SYSER: Couldn't open player file pfiles/B/Blah

> What user do you run the MUD as, and are you certain that the same user
> created the player index for instance?  Could be something like that.

All files in the circlemud directory are owned by a mud account. Even
the executable as root doesn't help.

> Regards,
> /Torgny

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