Physical Attribute and Weapon Weight Interaction

From: Geoff Hollis (
Date: 05/31/03

I am unsure if anyone has done something like this before, so I thought I
would share the idea. I wanted to add a bit of spice to my MUD and make
characters think about how they pick their equipment. I did not want the game
to be linear in the sense that there is always one 'best' piece of equipment
for every slot. Weapons were my main concern. So, to solve this problem, I
have designed a system in which PCs and NPCs get a number of attacks roughly
looking like this: dex/weapon_weight. There are a bunch of other constants in
that, too, to so things don't get out of hand, and max_attacks is capped by a
character's base_attack (my modified version of stock circle's thaco). Along
the way, I've noticed I've had to add a couple other interactions between
weapons and stats to balance the game (for instance, +damage gained from
damroll is relative to the weapon on my MUD now. it looks something like this:
damage += GET_DAMROLL(ch)/10 * weapon_weight). All in all, I think the system
has been a huge success. My playtesters all love it, too. Just thought I would
pass the idea along. Of course, the system still has a couple of inbalances in
it, which I will hopefully weed out soon. If anyone has done something similar
to this and would like to swap thoughts, I would like to talk. Likewise, if
anyone has questions, I might have a couple answers.


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