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I'll put more up here as soon as I can get the scanner working again. I've got some great shots from the past couple of years, in particular from the cross-country trip I took in August of 1998 when I moved from DC to LA.

November 1999 - Home for Thanksgiving
My family gets photos taken every year when everyone's home for Thanksgiving. I'm in the center. On the left is my younger sister Franny, who incredibly came home for Thanksgiving week in the middle of her one-year trip to Brazil. (Isn't she gorgeous???) My younger brother David (right) had just started his second year at Columbia.

September 1999 - Rosh Hashana
Here are Dana and me (right) along with our friends Christos and Diana (left), at a Rosh Hashana party at my advisor's house.

November 1998 - Home Again
Same photo, different year (pre-beard, for me). This is me again (top left) with Franny, who was a senior at Michigan at the time, and David (bottom), who had just started his first year at Columbia.

July 1998 - Somewhere off the coast of Finland
Here I am on a cruise ship in Scandanavia with my family in July of 1998. One night of the cruise was "formal night", when we were all supposed to get dressed up. This is pretty much the only time you'll ever see me wearing a tie (except for my graduation, which is below).

May 1996 - Johns Hopkins U
Yes, after 5 years, I finally convinced Hopkins to give me a degree. Actually, what you see in the picture is not my diploma. It's just a blank piece of paper. I registered for graduation so late that they didn't have time to print it before the ceremony. I got my real diploma in the mail a few weeks later. It's still in the shipping tube.

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