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"And it's much the same thing with knowledge,
for whenever you learn something new,
the whole world becomes that much richer."

-- The Princess of Pure Reason, as told by Norton Juster in The Phantom Tollbooth

An update from the current decade (2011)

I'm so terrible about keeping my home page up-to-date. It seems like it should be easy to just add a link every now and then, yet this page hasn't really been updated since 2003, when I was graduating and looking for a job.

I don't think I have the time, just yet, to actually reorganize all this information meaningfully. I will, instead, make do with this little prologue that both acknowledges my poor home-page hygiene and provides links to a few more recent things in my life:

Some random projects and writings that I've put on the web recently: I now return you to the home page from 2003, already in progress.

What's in a home page?

I'm never sure exactly what I should have on my home page. Every time I sit down to write something, I wonder who will be looking at it and what they might want to know. I usually spend some time looking at other people's pages, hoping to find one that has a format I like; when I can't, I just throw up my hands and decide to put off updating my home page until another day. (I guess that's why it wasn't updated for 2 years.) Some people start off by describing their current job; others talk about their research interests; others describe their hobbies or spouses. Somehow, jumping right in and talking about those things without any introduction just doesn't seem right to me. I guess I'll just start my home page with this bizarrely self-referential paragraph, instead.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you can read up on:

My Life Story (last updated 25 June 2003) (Yes, updated - can you believe it?)
General information about me.

My Work (last updated 25 June 2003)
My professional life and research interests, jobs I've held, and the somewhat-whimsical and now-defunct business I co-founded. Also, fun projects, like the control panel for a rocket ship.

My Writings (last updated 30 May 2003)
Various things I've written over the years: both academic (refereed papers, presentations), and not-so-academic (fiction, humor...).

My Software (last updated 1 August 2002)
Never underestimate the importance of free software! Free software makes the world a better place, and I'd hate to live in a world without it. I try to make most of my software available on the Internet -- if even a single person finds it useful, then it was worth my time in releasing it.

My Photo Album (last updated 29 December 1999)
Some pictures of me, family, and friends.

My Contact Information and Travel Schedule (last updated 22 November 2004)
Different ways to reach me. Note the contrived grammatical construct used to maintain consistency with the "My..." naming paradigm.

My Recent Updates (last updated 19 January 2004)
A list of recent changes to my web pages.

Jeremy Elson
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