Scholastic Matchmakers: The Easiest Fund Raiser Of All Time

An Epic of Love, Money, the Internet,
and an Eccentric Astrologist named Raymond

A few years ago, my friend Josh Adler and I started a computer dating service called Scholastic Matchmakers. The company is dead now, but we're still alive. These days, I'm a graduate student at USC working towards a Ph.D. in computer science, and trying to avoid the temptation of making millions of dollars at a startup. Josh is trying to make millions of dollars at a startup. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

This is our story.

The Saga

Part 1: Finding Profit in Teenage Angst
Part 2: A Partner in Crime
Part 3: The Old Adage: It Takes Money to Make Money
Part 4: Victims of our Own Success
Part 5: Building a Better Mousetrap
Part 6: The Glory Days and Raymond's Love Machine
Part 7: The Best Laid Plans
Part 8: The French Pound the Final Nail into our Coffin
Part 9: Epilogue

The Gallery

Our Original Web Page
This is an archive of our company's original web page. It was up at from September 1995 until we sold our domain name in November of 1997. It described how the fundraiser worked.

Our Posters
We gave each school free posters that they could copy and put up around the school. The posters encouraged students to buy their Compatibility Lists.

The Washington Post Article
On February 12, 1996, The Washington Post published a 2-page article by Peter Behr describing our company.

The Mercury Hour
The day that the Washington Post article was published, Raymond sent me a page from an astrology magazine called The Mercury Hour. He wanted me to help him set up astrologically arranged marriages.

The Textbook
In 1998, Harcort Brace published a highschool textbook called Holt Economics that described our company!

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Last updated: 3 May 1999