wld2html was my first (and only) attempt to integrate MUDs with the Web. The program parses world-description file in DikuMUD format (a .wld file) and emits a series of HTML pages that lets you "walk around" in the world defined by the input file. I converted Midgaard as an example of how it works.

Of course, this is a very long way away from actually having something playable -- there is no interaction with the environment, no state maintained, no way to communicate with other players or manipulate objects, etc. A serious attempt at a Web-playable MUD would require extensive use of CGI software or a Java applet; of course, none of that stuff was very popular when I wrote wld2html in 1993.

I find this area interesting. Maybe someday I'll pick up again where wld2html left off.

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Jeremy Elson
Last updated: 18 Dec 1997